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Durenda Wood has been in sales and service for 35 years teaching corporations how to cut spending and increase sales at the same time. She has been a sales record breaker all of her life and has set standards for customer service for corporations. This is what sets Computer Construction Company apart from other search engine marketing companies. Durenda Wood was hired to manage an ecommerce web site due to her background and it was at this time she taught herself how to perform search engine optimization. That company had been in business for 2 years and was grossing $1500.00 a month. Within one year that same company was grossing on average $7500.00 to $9000.00 a month and it cut operating costs by 50%. Computer Construction Company, Inc. was established in 2001 by Durenda Wood who owns and operates the company and oversees all projects. Computer Construction Company specialized in search engine marketing across the country since 2001. Our services include custom website design and development WordPress Websites internet marketing consultation, and Website Hosting.
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The Internet will allow any business to potentially grow without any prejudices. It is considered the wild frontier and it is inexhaustible. If you have spent any time at all searching on the internet for any type of information or product then you know the potential yourself. In fact, every year the report of online shopping increasing during the Christmas season grows leaps and bounds.

As a business owner, I am sure you have gone to Google to see if you can find your company listed in the natural results. Without any prevail you could not find your company’s website but you recognized the links of your competition’s website. You can get your company’s website to show up in the search engines through the maps or now known as Places on Google, you can get your website optimized for the search engines or you can start a pay-per-click campaign, which can get quite expensive.

What is important about where you competition is listed in the search engines is that gives you an idea of how to handle your own Internet marketing strategy.

To be listed in the Map or Places only requires you to have a Google account and for you to enter your business information to Google. The drawback for being listed in the Map or Places is it is only a local area search engine result listing. This is the most cost effective way of advertising on the Internet.

If your competition is listed in the “Sponsored Links” (also known as a Pay-Per-Click Campaign) on Google that is where you have to make a decision of how much money you want to invest on a daily or monthly period for your Search Engine Marketing. There are quite a few drawbacks for listing in Sponsored Links. It can be very expensive; the search engines charge an amount for each click to your website. This can use up your allotted money in your account by the end of say the day.

Here is a scenario “say someone is at work doing research for some home improvements and they find your website at work and their plan is to call you when they get home. Sure you were real easy to find that morning, however; by the time they get home your cash flow has been expended and you are removed from the search engine results automatically. They get home do the same exact search as they did at work and now they can’t find you. Boom! They call your competition instead.

I have also learned that most Internet users will click to your website three times before they make a purchase and that doesn’t mean they make that purchase with you. You have to give this Internet behavior some consideration when deciding on whether you want to invest in the Pay-Per-Click Campaign.

Lastly, there is the organic or natural results of the search engine. This area is below the sponsored links and it can be above and below the Map or Places section of the search engine. This is also the area most Internet users scroll to when searching on the Internet. It usually takes a professional SEO company to optimize a website to get a company’s website to the top of the organic/natural results that depends on the type of competition a company may have in the search engines. If a website is optimized correctly a website can have multiple links to its website. I have seen up to three links to one website on the first page of Google. Google changed their algorithm about a year ago on how the maps showed on their website and it was at that time when I saw the links increase to a website. The company also receives unlimited clicks at no additional cost to their website from this area. This also the area of the search engine results that most Internet users trust when clicking on links.

Computer Construction Company has been providing search engine optimization to company websites since 2001. We can help you beat your competition on the Internet with professional SEO services. Our SEO packages are priced very competitively against our competition. We have also held our own position at the top of Google for years now with search terms such as “SEO Company Atlanta” or “Search Engine Optimization Company Atlanta”. Test this claim you will see for yourself. We have also been a member of the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce for 6 years and in January we were awarded “Small Business of the Month” by the Chamber.

Whether you hire Computer Construction Company or another SEO firm, please double check and make sure they show up in the search engines before you spend any money with them. Ask for references, both for people to speak to and to also see results of other companies they have worked for. There are a lot of companies that claim to be proficient in SEO and they really are not.

God Bless and take care.